Southbridge: Adding much-needed long-term care beds in Port Hope

Southbridge is a seven-storey long-term care home that adds 192 much-needed beds to the historic town of Port Hope. Orientation, shape and location were all influenced by the need to maintain the operations of the existing facility before the new building was completed and ready to receive residents.

Facing three streets and a U-shaped courtyard meant all sides of this building needed special design attention. Steel siding and composite panels provide a modern design aesthetic while a combination of stone and brick, including decorative masonry features throughout the fa├žade, hint at the historic architecture surrounding it.

Ample green space is incorporated into the surrounding site to ensure both residents and surrounding neighbourhood can enjoy the property and neutral, earthy tones in the colour scheme mean this building does not impose itself on its landscape, rather it fits in as though it belongs.

An assortment of living options have been carefully considered with varying levels of care and private/shared spaces available. An enclosed courtyard ensures privacy for residents to enjoy the outdoors as if in their own backyard. The ground floor is primarily amenity space and each floor above contains additional private amenity space for the residents that reside on that level.