The Woods: A new mixed-use development in Kanata

Surrounded by green space and amenities, this series of six-storey, mixed-use buildings are set to be built in Kanata, an ever-popular suburb in Ottawa’s west end. The ground floor will consist of a mix of retail, gym and commercial spaces while the upper storeys will be residential apartments.

Drawing on the surrounding natural landscape, the inviting façades will be constructed with a mix of brick, stone, wood grain siding and panel materials. The deep setback from the street and curved entry at the corner of the building, along with the balcony and window placements, draw people in and give a welcoming feeling as they approach.

It’s the rooftops of the buildings, though, where the magic really happens. Apartment dwellers are often faced with a dearth of green space, missing out on the pleasures that a backyard provides. Along with a series of photovoltaic panels, which will help supply the building’s energy, the rooftops will offer a mix of amenities and gardens intended for residents’ use. The thoughtful combination transforms an often-neglected, unused space into something multi-functional and beautiful, providing outdoor space while reducing the heat island effect and offering a green energy solution.

The rooftop gardens are part of our broader effort to ensure that the development offers ample green space from top to bottom. Abundant softscape surrounding the buildings completes the picture, creating a main-street vibe where people can gather and walk among the shops and cafes.