Greenbank Plaza: Designed to be right at home in Barrhaven

The Greenbank Plaza development project consisted of seven units in a single-storey linear configuration. These neighbourhood commercial spaces serve the surrounding Half Moon Bay and Quinn’s Pointe developments and are connected to walking and bike paths, as well as directly accessed from bustling Greenbank Road.

A combination of dark stone masonry, dark metal accents, plentiful glazing and wood-grain slats and siding provide an earth-toned and varied elevation. By stepping some of the units back and pulling other units forward, the elevation is broken up to ensure interest in design. Sloping and flat roofline combinations make a connection with surrounding homes so that this development fits within its context.

A large setback, ample green space, large parking lot and a combination of trees and shrubbery keep this development from feeling like an out-of-place commercial property — instead it feels right at home.